iPad or iPhone not charging OR is it!?


How many of you have plugged your iPad or iPhone in and got the message in the top right corner saying ‘not charging’?

All the research I did came up with Hard Resets, Soft Resets, revert to factory settings, lightening connector issue or contact Apple after care.

Well, it seems there is a far simpler answer which I found out by trial and error and then a hidden blog from another person, so thank you to them. Forgive me, I can’t find it again.

When you plug your iPad or iPhone into a USB socket on your computer it often goes green in top right then ‘not charging’ comes up.  So you and I assumed it wasn’t charging.  Wrong. Whilst the screen is active there is, for some reason, insufficient current in the charging unit to show it as charging.  So, when the unit goes into sleep and reduces the current usage the unit starts charging.  The problem is you can’t see this because it is in sleep.  As soon as you bring it to life again it shows ‘not charging’.

Also be aware that even though ‘not charging’ shows your unit is still connecting to iTunes and shows on your computer system. So that identifies that it has a connection.

I know there will be occasions where old computer USB and power units will not provide sufficient current to charge the new generation Apple products but if you are using a power mains adapter or USB power socket on your Computer which is new then it should be fine.

It will charge slower, but it does charge.

Give it a try, send me your views.

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