Do you check who you are doing business with?

Often in business you decide to enter into an agreement or contract or provide services or securities with third parties. But how well do you know who these people, companies and agencies are? What is their legitimacy? What is their business status? What you are told is not always the reality underneath. A quick few […]

iPad or iPhone not charging OR is it!?

Hi. How many of you have plugged your iPad or iPhone in and got the message in the top right corner saying ‘not charging’? All the research I did came up with Hard Resets, Soft Resets, revert to factory settings, lightening connector issue or contact Apple after care. Well, it seems there is a far […]

Apple IPAD won’t start up! Was it OIS 8.1?

Have you got to the stage where your IPAD wont start? All you get is the Apple LOGO and no further. I imagine like many you have tried the normal remedies: Turned the IPAD off at this point by holding the POWER OFF button down?  This will remove the LOGO screen Pressing it again will […]


Do you use Open Source programs like WordPress or Joomla?  If so do you know whether you are using the latest version on your hosting server [where your website or online presence is managed].Recent website virus Lizamoon used a hole in an old version of Joomla to infect millions of webpages.  Check your hosting to […]