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Do you often get frustrated searching for ‘how to’ questions that relate to your business, access to agencies, public bodies, government services, or trying to access care support, adult services, WILLS, and Powers of Attorney for your personal life? There are just so many things it is assumed we know how to access or how to check, challenge, appeal or negotiate with.

At Saxonpark we will try and guide you in the right direction, and give you some tips and tricks.

We often think we are alone in life. Even when we have family, friends, and colleagues at work or in business. But we often keep inside our concerns, frustrations, and questions which we feel others will think we should know the answers to or are silly.
When we embark on our business journey, make a life changing decision, or get faced with a difficult decision we often feel alone or that we are experts and know what we are agreeing or disagreeing with.

We must always remember we are not.  Have you ever heard your inner voice telling you things are right or wrong to pursue?  Often what we all need is someone to listen to, bounce ideas off, and get confirmation or affirmation of what we are doing or not doing.

At Saxonpark we like to make you feel special, unique, capable, confident, and more than able to run your own business, be an influential member of your company, and deal with personal challenges in your private or personal life. Confidentiality and Trust..

We offer three distinct areas where we can help you feel in control and confident of enjoying every day you go to work, are with your family or technologically in both informed in an unbiased way to an appropriate level.

Business Support

Supporting, listening, and guiding you through managing and leading your business from top-level strategies to day to day running of your company.  

We can help support you with;

Business Rates

Understanding Commercial Leases

Trade Mark and IP issues

Valuation Office Check, Challenge and Appeals process

Maximising your money expenditure

Do you know who you are doing business with?   Read our post

Technology and your needs

Technological advances are impossible to keep pace with. We can help you identify what you ‘actually’ need.  This can be office design, remote access, social media usage, family or personal use, staying safe, and only having what you actually need.

Have you signed up for services and not had them delivered?  

Do you think you are getting a service but actually you are not?  

Do you require registration for Data Protection, GDPR purposes. Could be business, club, charity or personally?

Have you duplicated what you need and don’t realise?

We have an excellent group of trusted and supportive businesses who specialise in these areas.

We can help support, signpost, direct and deliver those functions either directly or through our quality network of providers and associate team.

Personal developments, concerns, and needs to stay in control at home and work.

Are you anxious or concerned about a work issue?

Have you suddenly experienced a change in your life or health?

Are you at a point in your life when you are thinking of retirement, need to provide security to your family. This could be WILLS, Lasting Powers of Attorney, health, caring for parents, care home fees. It can appear a minefield. But a quick call and we may guide and improve your knowledge.

 So what next?

Contact us for an initial discussion

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