iPad or iPhone not charging OR is it!?


How many of you have plugged your iPad or iPhone in and got the message in the top right corner saying ‘not charging’?

All the research I did came up with Hard Resets, Soft Resets, revert to factory settings, lightening connector issue or contact Apple after care.

Well, it seems there is a far simpler answer which I found out by trial and error and then a hidden blog from another person, so thank you to them. Forgive me, I can’t find it again.

When you plug your iPad or iPhone into a USB socket on your computer it often goes green in top right then ‘not charging’ comes up.  So you and I assumed it wasn’t charging.  Wrong. Whilst the screen is active there is, for some reason, insufficient current in the charging unit to show it as charging.  So, when the unit goes into sleep and reduces the current usage the unit starts charging.  The problem is you can’t see this because it is in sleep.  As soon as you bring it to life again it shows ‘not charging’.

Also be aware that even though ‘not charging’ shows your unit is still connecting to iTunes and shows on your computer system. So that identifies that it has a connection.

I know there will be occasions where old computer USB and power units will not provide sufficient current to charge the new generation Apple products but if you are using a power mains adapter or USB power socket on your Computer which is new then it should be fine.

It will charge slower, but it does charge.

Give it a try, send me your views.

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IMAP configuration issues on iPhone and iPad where you get mail server errors and emails won’t send.

Are you having problems with configuring your iPhone and iPad with an IMAP email account?

If you are, you are certainly not alone.  I was experiencing issues and tried many ways to resolve and did a lot of research on the Internet.

Fortunately, I have a business colleague in the USA who owns DivisionX Corporation, www.divisonx.com and between us we seem to have resolved most issues.

What do I use?

I am using an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 6S running the latest IOS 9.3.4.

It seems that an iPad can cope with the use of SSL but the iPhone has to have it turned off.  This means that you have to use different port numbers when setting up the accounts.  In each case though you can leave the authentication as ‘password’.

Quick word of warning, if these don’t work then you may need to check with the company who provide your email and check what ‘port’ numbers they recommend.

I am sure for some, for whatever reason, this may not work, but having tried it across a few now it seems pretty reliable. Until of course, Apple upgrade its IOS!

So what do we do.

Go to the usual Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Then select and prepare to edit one you have setup.

In the Incoming mail section complete the three boxes.  You may have to put the full email in the ‘Username’ section and not just the prefix before the @ sign.

Now click on SMTP under the ‘outgoing server’ section.

Click on primary mail server

Under the Use SSL, dependent upon on iPhone [Non SSL]and iPad [SSL] I have used;

Authentication set to ‘password’.


SSL OFF – SMTP port 25


SSL ON – SMTP port 465

If you click DONE, it should verify your account settings.

Click back to Account screen and at the bottom you should see ‘ADVANCED’, click on it.

Go down to the bottom section titled ‘Incoming Settings’

Authentication set to ‘password’

In this section there is a IMAP PATH PREFIX.  I discovered that I couldn’t DELETE emails to Trash from my inbox.  To clear this fault just type, in capitals type INBOX next to the word ‘Prefix’.


SSL OFF – IMAP port 143


SSL ON –  IMAP port 993

You should now be able to back out of the screens using the DONE buttons etc, get verification and use your emails seamlessly.

I really hope this works for you, please let me know if you experience any other quirks og Apple IOS!

Many thanks


Andy Parkes


Saxon Park Services Limited


Apple IPAD won’t start up! Was it OIS 8.1?

Have you got to the stage where your IPAD wont start? All you get is the Apple LOGO and no further. I imagine like many you have tried the normal remedies:

  • Turned the IPAD off at this point by holding the POWER OFF button down?  This will remove the LOGO screen
  • Pressing it again will bring it back to the LOGO screen
  • Now tried holding the HOME and POWER OFF buttons for at least 10 seconds.  Now it goes to black screen again
  • Pressing POWER ON again just brings up the LOGO screen
By now panic has set in, you want to throw the tablet out the window and concerned that you haven’t synchronised or backed up the IPAD to your computer or iCloud.
This happened to me last night having just upgraded my iPhone and IPAD to IOS 8.1 and activated the ‘Handsoff’ and message sharing tools.  I read the support pages 1 and 2 and it seemed the only option was to enter a recovery mode and reset to factory and lose all my data.
So I started that process realising my last back up was 2 days ago!  Now there are some things you need to know extra to the guidance on Apple pages shown in links 1 and 2 above.
  1. Open your iTunes program without the IPAD connected
  2. Now hold the HOME key on the IPAD and insert the USB cable.
  3. Keep holding the HOME key until the message about ‘Restoration mode‘ comes up on your IPAD screen then let go.
  4. You will get a message on your iTunes programme on your PC recognising an IPAD has been connected but no name, serial no etc. If you don’t repeat 2 and 3 above
  5. The message gives you an option to UPDATE or RESTORE.
  6. Choose UPDATE.  Even if you have the latest OIS on your IPAD.
  7. You will now see a sign that the software update is downloading and the Apple LOGO will appear on the IPAD.
  8. The download will take a while, most likely an hour.
  9. During this time the IPAD will change from LOGO screen to black screen and back a few times.  DO NOT disconnect the cables or interfere with the download process.
  10. About half way through the download process my IPAD suddenly kicked into play and the iTunes programme showed the name, serial no and sync details.
  11. I left the download to finish and as soon as the download was ended the iTunes account  showed my IPAD was up to date!!!
  12. Now do an immediate SYNC!!
I hope this works for anyone who reads this and please share it widely.