Business Support

Do you have your own business?

Good at doing what you have set up the business to do.

Have you realised that there are many things that are not in your specialist skill set, but take a disproportionate amount of your time?

Have you already recognised that you need some support?  Your next move –>

Did you answer YES to the above statements?  Then you are not alone. You need to put your time into the business area which makes you money and let us do the other aspects.

What support are we talking about?

  • Facilitating your Board Room strategic away days
  • If you are a small business we can facilitate regular senior management meetings
  • Supporting you by sitting as an independent specialist on procurement of services interviews
  • Provide admin support in house or remotely
  • Review your business plans including marketing, social media, communications, technology requirements
  • Discuss your technology needs from small business to corporate
  • Guide and signpost you to service providers who meet your needs
  • We publish blogs about simple subject areas in business and technology